Get to know us a little more

The beginning

Our project was born 20 years ago, for the passion for a product that was not fashionable in our region: THE RICE. Rice with pitu de caleya and rice with seafood were the most representative at that time, the use of Asturian products in its preparation such as cheeses, vegetables, hunt meat, mushrooms, has allowed us to reinterpret the Asturian rice and give us a unique identity sign.

Rice, our hallmark

What to use and how to treat it, that is the secret for a dish to be excellent, neither more nor less. In our rice we always look for the best products, always selecting the best grain for each dish, such as "carnaroli", "senia" or "bomba", used in our rice.

Our team is always testing and developing the best combinations to offer you unique and representative dishes of our region. From there come elaborations such as rice with Asturian cheeses, with fish and shellfish from the Cantabrian Sea or with selected meats.

The bar

If you want to feel at ease in a bar and let time run, with a cooling draught beer, with a vermouth of your own, accompanying the classic tapas of brewery: bravas, picadillo bombs, popcorn salad ... Here you have your place.

Wine cellar

We have for you a letter with 50 references of wines from national wineries, where we highlight wines from the cellar of the Monasterio de Corias, representative of the varieties of a land of Cangas and Asturian cider with the different types of production under the Denomination of Origin Sidra de Asturias.