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Pour les amoureux du riz et des plats classiques de notre terroir, des saveurs pures, une excellente matière et un traitement équitable.


Honey-mustard crunchy chicken 10€

Spanish ham croquettes 10€

Creamy squid ink with ali-oli croquettes 10€

Black sausage lollipops with apple and red wine syrup 12€

Goat cheese bonbons 12€

Potatoes with Peppers and “Paleta” Spanish Ham 17€
Grilled cuttlefish with ali-oli tomato 16€

Fresh Squid 17€

Fritters Mix 23€

Cecina smoked meat from Leon with parmesan cheese 17€

Spanish chorizo, spiced sausage, loin, cecina smoked meat and Spanish ham 18€

Iberian Spanish Ham with Cristal Bread and Tomatoes 20€

Veggies & Salads

Vegetables piononos covered in bacon and ali-oli au graten 11€

Squash and tomato mille feuilles with provolone cheese12€

Grilled vegetables with romenescu sauce 11€

Mushrooms, Zucchini, Eggplant and Pria Smoked Cheese 10€

Veggie pie with mushrooms and ali-oli au gratain 10€
Salad of pickled bonito, straw, apple and green potatoes 15€

Cod with Potatoes, Veggie Mix and Ali-Oli 14€

Goat cheese salad with bacon, apple and nuts tullips 14€

Traditional salad made off lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, tuna and soft cheese 12€

Octopus salad with tomato, prawns and vinaigrette 16€


Fish & Meat

Asturian's Cheese

Name Zone Milk Intensity Tapa 1/2 Tapa

Vega de Tordín D.O. Cabrales
Best Cabrales cheese 2016

Cabrales According to season Intense 9€ 5€
D´Onao D.O. Gamonedo Onís Goat, cow and sheep Intense 10€ 6€
Ca' Sancho D.O. Afuega pitu Grao Cow Soft and spicy 7€ 4€
nueces y avellanas
Taramundi Cow soft 7€ 4€
Varé de cabra Siero goat Medium 10€ 6€
All the cheese selection served with with hazelnuts and apple jelly-jam 22€ 15€


Forest's Cachopo 19€

Traditional Cachopo 17€